RC Ground School: The Beginners’ Guide to Flying Electric RC Airplanes

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Seldom has a long-established hobby been transformed more than radio controlled model aircraft flying has been with the development of light-weight, reasonably priced electric power systems. After decades of dominance by glow and gas powered internal combustion engines, the most up to date thing in RC flying these days is electric powered model aircraft. Energy dense lithium polymer batteries, powerful brushless electric motors and the digital devices that regulate them have taken the radio regulate hobby by storm. With them has come a veritable tsunami of molded foam models of nearly each form of airplane possible. Warbirds like the P-51 Mustang, aerobatic aircraft like the Edge 540 and quite a few trainers very similar to the Cessna 172 fill the online marketplaces and the shelves of local hobby shops around the globe. Traditional models, too, are being developed or converted to fly with electric power systems. These models have their own body of knowledge. As a substitute of tinkering with the needle valve settings of internal combustion engines, now modelers are computing watts, managing amps, determining volts and searching for components that maximize power without exceeding the electronic limits of their model’s components. RC Ground School gives you the information you want to get began in the exciting hobby of model aviation. You’ll get answers to these and other questions: What Must I imagine in choosing a model aircraft? What sort of transmitter Must I imagine? Must I go with a in a position-to-fly kit or an almost-in a position-to-fly model? What if I wish to teach myself to fly? How can I find an instructor? How do I operate my model safely? How do electric models work? Come sign up for the thousands of other modelers enjoying this fun and interesting hobby. RC Ground School is the very best tool that will help you get began. Already flying glow or gas airplanes? Eager about converting to or adding an electric model on your hangar? The second one half of the book is a deeper dive into what makes up an electric model’s power system and what you can wish to know to convert that old friend to electric power or no less than stay alongside of the conversations on the field.

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